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Application new member ( Vio )

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Application new member ( Vio ) Empty Application new member ( Vio )

Post  Minority Fri Apr 20, 2012 5:27 am

-Personal Info-
Name: Rian
Nickname: Vio
Age: 20 +
Nationality: Indonesian

-General Info-
How many hours can you be online daily: about 5-12
Do you understand english: yes

What's your connection's speed: 100 kbps around it

-MMORG Info-
How long you've been playing L2: around 4-4.5 years
Previous servers: i think so many ( l2media,l2gang,l2pharos,l2null n etc ) i can't remembered all of it
Previous clans: --
Reason why you left them: --
With which classes are you experienced with: Fortune seeker, Dagger class, Pole Class, Duelist
Some info about the way you pvp with some classes: no pain no gain

-Clan Info-
How did you learn about us: hmm. i just checker all l2 server then i found defiance's clan
Why do you want to join Defiance: nothing special just increase friends
Do you have any friends in our clan: i think y but i forgot nick because i play many server
Can any core Defiance member vouch for you(If yes, which): i don't think so but if someone trust me is nice
What do you think that you can offer to our clan in case you get accepted: uhmm, active like another member n when needed

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Application new member ( Vio ) Empty Re: Application new member ( Vio )

Post  Azreol Fri Apr 20, 2012 5:29 am

+1 from me. Awaiting for final approval from leader Very Happy

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Application new member ( Vio ) Empty Accepted

Post  SexyGlrl Fri Apr 20, 2012 5:36 am

+1 from me too i'll invite you asap to clan Wink

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Application new member ( Vio ) Empty Re: Application new member ( Vio )

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