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Application: Princess/Prince

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Application: Princess/Prince Empty Application: Princess/Prince

Post  PrinceKon Sun Jul 08, 2012 3:12 pm

-Personal Info-
Name: Konrad
Nickname: Prince/Princess
Age: 18
Nationality: Germany

-General Info-
How many hours can you be online daily: If i play, i play about 10 hours a day.
Do you understand english: yes

What's your connection's speed: 200mbit/s

-MMORG Info-
How long you've been playing L2: around 2,5 years
Previous servers: Much.. ( l2world, l2gang, l2hero, l2divinity, l2destiny, l2fov, l2bluelight, l2frozensky etc.)
Previous clans: Butterfly Clan(Clanleader=Desidelia/Taralynnfoxx/Maryl0u)
Reason why you left them: After l2divinity died, they lost the whole clan. I started on l2destiny(remake of l2divinity) and they were on l2hero; i joined to them, but i had my own Clan there, so i stayed on l2destiny. Now i became lazy to play as a Clanleader and i found those friendly gyus of Defiance who became my friends! Smile
With which classes are you experienced with: Fortune seeker, Storm Screamer, Cardinal
Some info about the way you pvp with some classes: www . tovillage . to

-Clan Info-
How did you learn about us: You joined into my Alliance, i and my clan made shitty things, you left the Ally and i left my own Clan! Very Happy Thats how i learned you. Smile
Why do you want to join Defiance: I like all of you! I can rage there on my special kind! Very Happy Most like me and i found some cool friends! Smile
Do you have any friends in our clan: De1v1x, Darkye/KFC/Azazell, Twinkles, Govno/MiT(those were from my own site), Azreol, Geno, Lia, Seek, Xarou, Vio, Martinez, Tyrantus, Kallen, DP! Smile
Can any core Defiance member vouch for you(If yes, which): I think and hope i proved myself often enough! Smile Geno, Lia, Azreol, Seek
What do you think that you can offer to our clan in case you get accepted: Entertaining the whole clan! Get fun into the clan. Boost the communication. A lots of expirience and i know how to play my classes(even if it is not so long!)! Smile


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