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About Blue Light.

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About Blue Light. Empty About Blue Light.

Post  Azreol Thu Apr 12, 2012 8:50 pm

Well,i did some research...and i found out some things about blue light. First of all,now,at the day of the start of the server...there is a total of 51 registered users WITH the staff!!!

And also...on Maxchears L2Berserker has 300(!!!) more views than Blue Light,and around 70(!!!) more topic replies..!! This clearly shows that L2Berserker is a LOT more popular.

After the installation of the DDOS protection,we reached 500 online ppl (WITHOUT ANY SHOP) at midnight!! So imagine 2morrow we will reach a 1000!!

Sidenote,after the DDOS protection installation,we had ZERO problems. I think the best choice would be to stick to L2 Berserker,at least for now. Staff shows alot of promise,they buy expensive equipment (check forum to see prices).

On Blue Light i dont like 3 things....
1) GMs dont know proper english WTF!!?!?!?!
2) I didnt like their answer regarding the DDOS protection.... ("our service provider promised he can stop them")
3) God damnit only 51 registered users??? How many ppl we ll be on???!?!?!

Conclusions are yours Very Happy

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