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Post  iHoe Tue Apr 24, 2012 5:37 am

-Personal Info-
Name: Sean
Nickname: Marry ( JaredLetto and Azreol will know me as KiraJ )
Age: 21
Nationality: mixture of European and Asian

-General Info-
How many hours can you be online daily: depends on my schedule one day i can play 4h next day i might play 12h etc.
Do you understand english: Sure !

What's your connection's speed: Wifi 300 Mbps

-MMORG Info-
How long you've been playing L2: I'm playing lineage since c1 until Hellbound later i had small break few years and now decided to come back to Lineage 2 world Very Happy
Previous servers: BlueLight
Previous clans: Godz
Reason why you left them: Server closed
With which classes are you experienced with: I've played for all characters so i have some general knowledge about each character but mostly i play Eva's Saint/ Cardinal/ Dominator
Some info about the way you pvp with some classes: heal debuff survive and ress another healer from clan or party

-Clan Info-
How did you learn about us: before bluelight wipe i was ex member of your clan known as KiraJ ( played as Duelist )
Why do you want to join Defiance: English speaking clan/ you people know how to play in team/ Friendly community
Do you have any friends in our clan: cannot say that i have friends in Defiance or some Defiance clan members considers me as a friend but i can say that im familiar with JaredLetto and Azreol
Can any core Defiance member vouch for you(If yes, which): JaredLetto and Azreol i guess
What do you think that you can offer to our clan in case you get accepted: good team work , have some fun time with members and if i will play as healer i can offer to heal u till death Razz

-Extra Info-
We would like to know a few things about your character IRL:
as i mention before im for half european for half asian , knowing English Lithuanian Russian Polish French Vietnamese and Japanese languages Very Happy 2nd year student of VGTU university atm im transfer student until july in UCLA School of Law ;D at age 21 im already have my own rock band but not as bands leader ;D playing on guitar / bass / piano xD
Do you have any pvp videos: there is one from my last server before i stopped playing l2 but too bad i cannot post extra links here playing there as cardinal Viva 83 lvl server : battle for down x10 hellbound with my cp:
Waylander - Dominator 83
Easytokill - ArchMage 83
CareTaker- Sword muse 84
ArcBound- Spectral dancer 82
Anbra - Eva's saint 84 Hero
Viva ( me ) - Cardinal 83
Raisy - Mystic Muse 81
Faze - Soultaker 81
Kevin - Phoenix Knight 85

Add any extra info you want to(If there is any): Nah ;D

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Post  SexyGlrl Tue Apr 24, 2012 8:42 am

U seem like a nice dude, and ofc we'd like to have u as one of our members as soon as we find a good server to play!

Anyway all the news will be posted here on our forum.

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Post  iHoe Tue Apr 24, 2012 1:27 pm

thanks for approval Smile

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