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Post  Sorcerer Tue Apr 17, 2012 4:28 am

Personal Info-
Name: shayne
Nickname: ~~
Age: 24
Nationality: white/polish/native american

-General Info-
How many hours can you be online daily: alot 8+ +afk aslo - all ways on
Do you understand english: i think so

What's your connection's speed: 18+ meg

-MMORG Info-
How long you've been playing L2:way 2 long 7+years
Previous servers: to meny to say
Previous clans: ~~~ even more
Reason why you left them: ~~
With which classes are you experienced with: most fave ET / dread
Some info about the way you pvp with some classes: 7years playing i can pvp hope u can keep up

-Clan Info-
How did you learn about us: trade shout
Why do you want to join Defiance: clan skills and pvp and ppl to chat with
Do you have any friends in our clan: nope Sad
Can any core Defiance member vouch for you(If yes, which): nop
What do you think that you can offer to our clan in case you get accepted: im pro and my friend is taken EE hero and ima try to get him here also we like to pvp like pros not noob fuck sticks

-Extra Info-
We would like to know a few things about your character IRL:
Do you have any pvp videos: nop
Add any extra info you want to(If there is any): Evil or Very Mad make these nub fucks suck on these nutz with i rape there face .... lol... real note.

just looking for an active clan that can support me and that i can help when they need affraid


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Post  Azreol Tue Apr 17, 2012 5:38 am


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