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Clan Rules

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Clan Rules Empty Clan Rules

Post  JaredLeto Wed Apr 11, 2012 11:40 am

1... FIrst of all we need active members, who speak english and can support clan in any clan activityes such as Raid Bosses, Sieges and constant partyes, in order to be able to come with clan u have to have all the Freya/Baium/Valakas/Antharas quests.
If u won't be able to log for sieges and saturday/wednesday evening just mail SEXYGLRL in game and let me know about it.

2... Clan chat official language is english, so no metter where are you from you will have to speak just english on clan chat.

3... We don't like troublemakers, if u want to argue with someone please do not disturn clan member's peace, so no flame, wile you are not just joking. We are trying to be a nice and friendlly comunity.

4... No metter what raid we kill partyleader/command channel leaders picks all the drops, if u need anything from drops, for exampla a vorpal part missed to have set, just ask for it and in case you've been active and u deserve it more then the others you will have it.

5... Respect Clan Leader SexyGlrl... Co-Leader JaredLeto

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